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Appeal Process

The following reasons are NOT considered a legitimate basis for filing an appeal:

  • Disagreement with the Parking & Transportation Rules and Regulations
  • Ignorance of the regulations
  • Stated inability to find a permitted parking space
  • Operation of the vehicle by another individual
  • Failure to issue citations previously for similar violations
  • Tardiness to class and/or appointment
  • Inability to pay fine
  • Received incorrect verbal information from a non FIU Parking and Transportation employee
  • Observing others illegally parked
  • Not paying for sufficient metered time


Appeals of citations for university parking infractions and towing/vehicle immobilization fees may be instituted by filing an appeal. Citations must be appealed within 10 business days from the date of issuance of the citation. Appeals should only be filed if a legitimate basis exists.


Click here for more information about the Appeal process in our Rules & Regulations.