Failure to abide by any of the provisions of these regulations shall be considered a university parking infraction. The University may enforce university parking infractions through use of warnings, citations and fines, vehicle immobilization, towing and any other means authorized by statute. Towing fees vary according to type of vehicle. If a third party towing company is used, the charge will be contingent upon the towing company fees.

Payment of Fines

Fines may be paid through the Florida International University web site or in person at the Department of Parking and Transportation by check, money order, cash, the FIU One Card, or credit card.  Alternatively, payments may be mailed to the Department of Parking and Transportation located on Modesto A. Maidique Campus.  All payments sent by mail should include the payee’s Panther ID number if applicable, and citation number(s). If a university citation is not paid or appealed in the time provided by this regulation, a $5.00 late fee shall be assessed in addition to the fine established for the violation.

Immobilization Fees

A vehicle may be immobilized in accordance with due process and outstanding parking balances. Immobilization fees must be paid prior to the release of the vehicle. Payments are accepted in the parking office in PG-5 from 8:00am to 5:00pm or online at If payment is made online, please contact the Customer Care Center at (305) 348-3615 for a boot release. If call is received prior to 10:45pm, the boot will be released on that same day. Fines paid after 11:00pm will result in the vehicle release occurring on the following business day. FIU is not responsible for damages to car or property of any kind.