Carpool On Demand with Rideflag!

Ride smarter with Rideflag!

The RideFlag shared mobility app simplifies travel, connecting you to a carpooling community. Carpooling is one of the easiest ways to reduce traffic and contribute to more sustainable transportation. You can choose to be a rider or a driver, schedule rides in an instant, and save on travel costs. Start using Rideflag now to receive:

Step 1: Download the RideFlag application.

Step 2: Start scheduling your rides in advance OR, if you’re a driver, set up your transponder and begin accepting rides!

Step 3: Earn your Panther Points and MDX discounts!

Special Promotions

FIU and Miami-Dade Expressway want to reward you for carpooling! Use RideFlag as you travel to and from FIU and receive 50% or 100% off your MDX toll and start earning up to 25 Panther Points when you carpool! Both riders and drivers get points during a carpool, so everyone has a chance to earn Panther Points!

Valid on the following Miami-Dade Expressways

SR 112 – Airport Expressway
SR 836 – Dolphin Expressway
SR 874 – Don Shula Expressway
SR 878 – Snapper Creek Expressway
SR 924 – Gratigny Parkway

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion will run through the end of the summer 2019 semester.
  2. Available to the FIU community when travelling to and from FIU campuses using RideFlag.
  3. FIU students receive 25 FIU rewards points for driving or riding using the RideFlag app during their first trip, and 10 FIU rewards points for all subsequent trips. MDX is contributing a 50% rebate for carpools with 2 persons and a 100% discount for carpools with 3 or more persons.
  4. FIU students can redeem rewards at participating locations that accept FIU rewards points. MDX discounts are granted automatically through the RideFlag app. For more information visit the FIU OneCard rewards site.

Participants are drivers or riders using RideFlag during this promotional offer which is only available to the FIU community.
A carpool is defined as two or more people travelling in a personal vehicle. This program requires a minimum: 3 mile trip distance, one way, in order to qualify for rewards.
RideFlag wallet refers to the participants payment account that can be accessed in the RideFlag app.
Driver must have an active SunPass transponder to receive MDX toll discounts.
Please note, in order to receive a virtual carpool permit, the driver must have a valid FIU parking permit.