Student Parking

A virtual parking permit is issued to each student who is currently enrolled, and the "Transportation Access Fee" must be assessed/generated in their tuition statement each semester. All unmarked spaces are considered student spaces and require student permits. Students can park in any unmarked space in a parking lot or parking garage (excluding Parkview Housing Garage).

  • Freshmen are allowed to have vehicles and park on campus
  • Login to your parking account to access your virtual parking permit and add or update your license plate
  • Multi-vehicle registration is available for up to three vehicles for an additional $15
  • Parking on the grass or roadways is not allowed and will result in a citation
  • Only head-in parking is allowed. Reverse parking will result in a citation
  • Parking and transportation fees are included in the price of tuition

Parking Updates

At FIU, we care about keeping our students informed about any events that can impact parking and traffic across all FIU campuses.

Show Your Panther Pride

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